What to Wear for Portrait Photo Shoots

portrait photographyOnce in a while we go to a photo studio for a portrait shoot. Some of us get photographed in pairs, others as a group and at times we take solo shots. These portrait pictures aim to highlight the best in you since in general portrait photography focuses on persons. With that, it is important for us to exert effort in making sure that we are the star in the picture. We don’t want the attention of viewers to swerve away from us.

The clothes we wear in a portrait session are what usually get the attention of viewers. These clothes can make us thin, big, attractive or not so in the picture. Some clothes get too much attention that other viewers miss the real focus which is the person wearing it. During our portrait photo shoots, we need to make sure that the clothes are appropriate for the shoot and the point of interest in the image is still us.

Now, what should you wear for a portrait photo shoot? Here are some ideas.

  1. Clothes in solid colors

It has been proven by many professional photographers that solid colors can make a person shine on the image. The opposite happens when you wear a floral dress or blouse. This wedding photographer surrey definitely agrees with this.

  1. Colors of the same palette for group shots

For group portraits, it is best to color coordinate and agree on wearing clothes of different shade from the same palette. It will look great in pictures.

  1. Long sleeves

Wearing shirts or blouses with long sleeves or a bit long sleeves that will cover your arms would be good. In general, our arms look bigger in pictures and get too much attention especially if we wear short or no sleeves clothes.

  1. Classic clothes

Classic clothes can make your picture look awesome no matter how many years pass. It is very different when compared to wearing today’s fashion clothes. Visit http://www.annphotography.com/ for more ideas on what to wear for a portrait shoot.

  1. Dark clothing

Dark clothing in general can make the subject look slimmer. If you are on the heavy side, make sure to really wear something dark. If your upper clothing is blue, then wear pant or skirt that is also blue or of almost same color.

  1. Less to no print

Big logos, floral prints, big prints, busy patterns are among the type of clothes you need to avoid. Wearing these can grab the attention of the viewers to your clothes and not on you. It is best to wear a blouse, shirt, or dress with less to no print at all so the focus will still be on your face. Clothes with low necklines are also a big no-no.

Choosing the right clothes to wear for a portrait photo shoot can have a big impact in the picture. Listen to what your photographer suggests for you to wear so your photo session will be a success.

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