Top 5 Photography Apps for Your Smartphones

There are a lot of changes that smart phones have undergone over the last decades. You can notice that smartphones today are better, faster and offer features that were not available in the past. Your smartphone has even changed the way you take pictures. There are plenty of apps that you can add to your device to get the kind of shots you want and even edit images after capture. Features like composition overlays and continuous shooting mode are worth trying out.

Smartphones can be found in different brands and models but there are specific apps that can be installed in most devices. If you are into photography, you will be amazed with the vast apps available for download. Some are free while others require a certain fee. Most fees are cheap and are worth getting.

If you are looking for photography apps to install on you smartphone which can help you take better pictures, then here are the top smartphone apps for photographers that you should check out.

  1. photography applicationInstagram

Instagram is one of the popular apps that most photographers or photo hobbyists install in their device. This application is well-loved by many because it is user friendly and very easy to use. After capturing an image, you can edit it on Instagram using the editing controls or features and share it on your online Instagram account. There are even preset filters that you can choose from. Moreover, the picture you share on your Instagram account can also be shared to your other social media accounts like Facebook and Google in just one click.

  1. VSCO

Another wonderful application that you can add to your device for better post production of photos is the VSCO Cam. It also has preset filters as well as adjustments or modification controls. You can easily tweak your images once you have familiarized the controls and then share the edited images to different social media sites like Facebook and Google+.

  1. Camera MX

Camera MX is a free application for smartphone users who are into photography. It offers many editing features and special effects for you to get your desired artistic or sharp images. Some of the features that Camera MX offers are great zooming capability and real time previewing of photos.

  1. Snapseedphotography app

Snapseed is one of today’s popular photo editing and sharing application. It is likened to Instagram which also offers editing tools and special features for better enhancement of captured images. Most users claim though that Snapseed is for the more advanced users who want to create more artistic images while Instagram is said to be suitable for those who are contented with the basic image editing.

  1. Camera 360 Ultimate

The Camera 360 Ultimate perhaps the best choice for those who love taking self-portrait or more popularly termed as “selfie”. This application has several shooting modes that you can choose from before clicking on the button to take a picture. Camera 360 also offers plenty of filters, special effects and of course wonderful photo editing features that you can use to achieve your desired image.

These photography apps do not just allow you to edit images but it also helps you learn to understand photography better. There are photography terms that you can understand once you encounter or see it in the features of the app. Thus, installing these apps is a good alternative way of learning photography.

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