Special Things You Need to Capture When Photographing a Wedding

Wedding is a very important occasion not only for the engaged couples but also for their families and friends. It is a special union of two people who love each and promise to be together forever. A wedding usually happens only once in a person’s life so couples would love to keep the good memories of this special day.

In wedding photography, the common pictures taken by photographers are the moments during the preparation, the actual wedding ceremony and the wedding party. These photos include the bride preparing herself, the groom putting on his suit, the couple’s first look before the wedding, the bride walking towards the groom, the couple’s first kiss, the couple with their families and the first toast.

Some photographers miss the little yet precious things that couples would love to be photographed. This shouldn’t happen to you for this can lessen your credibility as photographer. Professional photographers like Tricia of Patricia June Photography can attest to how important it is to be very meticulous and prepared to cover an event.

If you are an amateur wedding photography who will be working on another wedding soon, it would be great if you have a list of the special things you need to capture in a wedding. This is apart from the common shots you take of the couple and their guests.

Here are some of the special things that our Kent Wedding Photographer suggested you shouldn’t miss shooting.

wedding photographyWedding Dress

The wedding dress is perhaps one of the bride’s most favorite items. Take pictures of this wedding dress before she wears it. Since the bridal dress is usually white, study the lighting first to get the perfect shot. Take macro shots also of several details of the dress.

Couples’ Shoes

Both couple would love to remember which shoes they wore during their wedding. Add this item to your list of photos to take.

Wedding Rings

Wedding rings symbolize love and fidelity thus making it the most important wedding item. Take shots of the wedding rings using wonderful background. Be extra careful though in handling the rings to avoid loss or damage.

Wedding Invitation

A macro shot of the wedding invitation will give delight to the couple. They will remember even years after what the theme of their wedding is and who are in their wedding entourage.

Bridal Bouquet

The bridal bouquet is one of the few items that guests are looking forward to see. Take several shots of the bouquet before the bride passes it to single ladies.

Guest book

The guest book is where each guest writes their names to affirm their presence on the wedding. Don’t miss photographing this special item.

Wedding cake

Cutting of the wedding cake and couple feeding each other are among the highlights of the wedding. It is best if you are able to take shots of the wedding cake before the wedding party start. The couple will surely love to keep a photo of their wedding cake and remember how delicious it was.

Getting a macro lens for your camera is a good move to make. It can help you take photos of these little yet very special things in a wedding.

Preparation and skills are important in photographing a wedding so couples will feel satisfied and happy. The couples might even possibly recommend you to their friends and that is a huge advantage for you.

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