Preparing Moms for a Maternity Photo Shoot

maternity photography tipsThe arrival of a new baby is an exciting time for parents and those who are close to them. They can’t wait to see what the baby looks like and from whom he/she will get the looks. Well, the mother is perhaps the most excited of them all. She knows that everything she went through during pregnancy particularly pain will all be replaced with joy and fulfillment when the baby arrives.

The pregnancy period can best be remembered through a maternity photo shoot. A maternity photo shot is usually scheduled around the 31st to 36th week of pregnancy. You can have it earlier though if you want to but if you desire to get the best maternity pictures then 31 o 36 weeks is a good choice.

If you are a first-time expectant mom who is looking for a maternity photographer, you have to be extra careful in choosing one. There are photographers who are great in taking portrait shots but handling a maternity photo shoot is a different story.

The photographer must know how to take brilliant photos of you with consideration to your delicate condition. He/she must know the safe but great poses for you to do, the best location for the shoot and the right equipment to use. Your safety and comfort must be one of his major concerns. Choose someone who can really deliver professional –looking pictures like those by JLC Photography.

Here are some tips for expectant moms like you on how to choose and prepare for your first maternity photo shoot.

  1. Ask family or close friends for recommendations

Get recommendations from a friend, a relative who recently had a maternity photo shoot or your trusted wedding photographer andover. Ask how her experience was and if she was satisfied with the result. If she liked it, then ask for the contact information of the maternity photographer and add him/her to your shortlist.

  1. Search for maternity photographers online

You can also google online for several reliable maternity photographers, meet with them and check their portfolio. Take a close look at his/her previous works and if you like what you see, then the photographer might be a good choice. Start hunting as early as your first trimester and have the shoot scheduled around your last trimester.

  1. Determine your purpose for the shoot

Do you plan to hang your maternity portrait on your wall? Would you like to give the pictures to close friends and family during the baby shower? Or do you want to place the maternity photos in a baby book for your child to see years later? Well, you have to set your purpose and tell it to your chosen photographer so he/she can give suggestions as to what products he/she will deliver.

  1. Inform the photographer about any specific health or pregnancy concern

Are you having a difficult pregnancy? Did the doctor advise you to avoid too much stress or movement? Well, it is important for you to tell everything to your photographer so he/she can adjust accordingly. The photographer can also plan what poses are harmless for you to do and where to shoot pictures safely.

  1. Have your partner, other kids or close relatives join you

Your maternity pictures will look more significant with the presence of your loved ones. You can have your husband, other kids or loved ones included in some pictures. If you’re bringing small kids, you can request for the photographer to start with them included on the first few shot and have them sent home by an elder so you can focus on your solo maternity shots.

As part of your preparation, remember to have a thorough discussion with the photographer about the payment terms, location, clothing, post production and other important details. You can also bring props that are sentimental to you for these can add more life and uniqueness to your maternity photos.

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