Post Production Guide for Beginners

post productionIn the photography business, editing of photos takes a lot of our time. We spend countless of hours trying to produce the best shots that will impress our clients. We want to show them the best so they will hire us again or maybe put in a good word for us to their friends. But well, do you know that you can finish post production fast if you want to?

The time we spend in editing images can be spent doing more productive things that can help our business grow. Instead of spending too much time editing, we can spend it in marketing our business and in bonding with our family. The solution to this is an effective workflow. By following an effective workflow, you can finish editing and retouching your images fast and easy.

Here are some tips on how you can create an effective workflow and have a more productive time in editing.

  1. Back up right away

It is the first thing you should do right away. Store the images in two or three separate storages. One for the originals and the other for the images you will edit. Label the folders and files with a name that is easy to remember and which can represent the name of the event so you can find them fast whenever you need them

  1. No multi-tasking when editing

Once you’ve set your mind to edit the images on a particular day and time, make sure you don’t do anything else. Edit right away and don’t take unnecessary breaks. No surfing on the internet or checking of emails or online accounts. Focus on the post production so you can do it well and you don’t have to redo anything later on.

  1. Work in a clutter-free room

A room full of clutter can distract your mind away from what you are doing. Meanwhile, a clutter-free room can send a message to your brain telling you that you are now ready to work. Berkshire Wedding Photographer loves working in a clutter-free room. This helps him become more productive.

  1. Create your own workflow

You can make you own post production workflow by laying out first the things you need to do – back up, filter images, choose best pictures and so on. Arrange the tasks in order of priority. Some photo editing tools allow you to choose the best images fast by marking them with numbers. Make use of this feature in choosing the best photos to retouch so you will only perform minor editing with other pictures. London wedding photographer does this with the photos of the wedding even he covered.

  1. Know the editing features of your photo editing software

Most editing programs have special features like batch editing wherein you can apply your established setting in one image to other images. By knowing and learning these special features, you can plan ahead on how to edit hundreds of pictures with just a few clicks.

Post production can be carried out fast if you have an effective workflow. The tips above can help you more in following your workflow so everything will run smoothly with less time spent in editing.

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