Photography Equipment Amateur Photographers Should Buy

Entering the world of photography can be a big challenge to beginners. There are decisions to make, questions to ask and preparations to do. The very first thing that an aspiring photographer has to make is to choose the photography equipment to buy.

The common questions that come into mind when buying photography equipment are: what camera should I buy, how many lenses should I purchase, what type of lenses do I need. These questions can be answered by getting advice from professional photographers who have been ahead of you in this field.

We’ve asked several experienced photographers from Shane Webber Photography and came up with tips on what and how to choose the right photography gear.


There are lots of cameras being offered in the market today. The commonly used type of camera before is the point and shoot camera. And then the mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses were introduced. Today, the most popular type of camera in the market today is a DSLR. You can attach it to different lenses depending on what type of photography you want to focus on.

Cameras have a short life span and in choosing one, the best advice experts give is to buy what you can afford. No need to invest in a very expensive camera body. It is better to invest in the lens that you’re going to attach onto your camera.  But of course, it is advisable to buy a DSLR from a reputable company like Canon or Nikon.

There are entry-level digital SLRs that are best for beginners and are cheaper while there are those advanced type suitable for more experienced photographers.

A common feature that photographers look for in a camera is its low light capacity. Being able to capture high resolution images in low light locations or even when the camera is set at high ISO is what many photographers look for in a camera.


Lenses vary in size, length and purpose. These lenses are flexible and can thus help you achieve your desired final image. There are lenses that can be zoomed in to capture images from afar such as telephoto lens. On the other hand, there are lenses that have fixed focal length and are best for shooting at close distance.  Example is a prime lens. Commonly used are lenses with 35mm and 55m length. You should expect good quality lenses to be more than $600.

A feature that professional photographers like wedding photographer gloucestershire

look for in a lens is the Image Stabilization feature. This is the ability of the lens to make the image appear sharp even when the subject is moving. Image stabilization is important to most action photographers as well as landscape photographers who love photographing rivers, waterfalls and other water forms.


Regardless of what type of photography you are into, at some point you will certainly find the need to use a tripod. A tripod is a great support for your camera especially when shooting at long exposure or uncommon situations. You can place your camera on the tripod and use a remote release shutter to take a picture.

Tripods are available in different sizes and materials. Some are cheap while others are quite expensive depending on the material it is made of. There are tripods wherein you can adjust the height to a very low level for more creative angles.

Other photography accessories you need to get are fast memory cards, spare batteries and a camera bag. All of these are important for your job as a professional photographer.

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