How to Make Post Production of Photos Fast and Easy

post productionNow that the wedding has ended, it is time for you to start the post production of RAW wedding photos you took. Just thinking about the thousands of pictures to edit and the long hours it will take to finish editing already send shivers down your spine.

If you are new to wedding photography and have no experience in editing pictures, then you will need to exert effort in learning how to do post production in a fast yet efficient way. Here are some ideas on how to boost the speed of your post shoot editing.

  1. Transfer pictures to your computer and copyright.

Once you get hold of your computer, transfer the pictures to it right away. Create two or three folders – one labeled “raw” or “original” then another one named “edited” or “retouched”. The third folder can be “fully edited” or “final”.

After that, choose the best and delete those that are not. When you use the Lightroom program, you only need to click “P” to pick a good photo and then “X” to delete it. If you signed a contract with the client and the photo copyright is yours then make sure to copyright the photos right away.

  1. Study the default keyboard shortcuts in your chosen software

Like other fields of study, in photography you also need to study different areas in order to improve your craft. One of the things you need to study in photography is the use of editing software like LightRoom or Photoshop. This Surrey Wedding Photographer is an expert in using LightRoom so be sure to check out his website.

photo editingBegin by learning the shortcut keys so it will be easier for you to arrange pictures and edit each. After that, learn the basics in editing like adjusting exposure, white balance and brightness among many others.

  1. Retouch or fully edit only those for printing

In editing photos, there are two basic types that you can apply – retouching and full editing. With retouching, the focus is making the person/s in the picture look more beautiful and flawless. The color of the skin is usually changed and dark uneven spots are altered. Retouching takes about 20 minutes per photo so try to start with the couple’s portrait shots before retouching group or family shots.

On the other hand, in full editing, photos are made to look more creative and thus complex editing is done. It usually takes a minimum of 30 minutes to fully edit per photo and the time consumed still depends on how skilled the editor is. If you are as skilled as this Raleigh Newborn Photographer, then full editing will take less than 30 minutes per photo.

If the couple has chosen photos for printing, then it is best to edit only those that are for printing and the rest can be edited through batch processing.

  1. Batch process pictures to reduce time spent in editing

Computer programs like Lightroom and Photoshop allow batch processing of pictures. Batch process is done by copying the settings of the first photo you edited and applying it to the other pictures. You can perform batch processing on pictures that only need “proofing”. Proofing refers to minor editing of pictures. At times, you cannot even notice the difference between the RAW and the “proof-ed” pictures.

  1. Focus on the very best and most important photos

Keep in mind that your clients are more interested to see the final output of the pictures they have chosen as “best”. This means that you should set your focus on the very best wedding photos by retouching or editing them completely. For other photos, you can apply fast minor editing

There are certainly ways you can speed up your post production. Don’t stress out yourself with less important things. Go ahead and hone your photo editing skills then apply the tips mentioned above so post production will be a breeze for you.

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