How to Have a Perfect Beach Wedding

beach weddingEvery couple wishes a successful and memorable wedding. They want something preferably less stressful and relaxing yet still formal and sacred marriage. A good example of this is a beach wedding. The beach scenery gives you a certain relaxing and serene ambiance that makes some couples choose this kind of wedding setup. This is one reason why some clients of Surrey wedding photographer chose to have a beach wedding.

Of course, the traditional wedding can still give you smooth-flowing, formal setup that makes it a good option. But then, if you look forward to something different and might cost you less, then look into a beach wedding as an alternative option.

A beach wedding which generally falls under the destination wedding setup is considered by many as practical and romantic. You can choose a private beach resort that you can hire exclusive for a few friends and relatives whom you want to celebrate with. You can even choose a public resort to save even more money. You just have to reserve ahead and secure the necessary permits as early as possible.

While it may look so simple and easy to setup, a beach wedding can only be successful and perfect if you thoroughly plan for it. You need to do several important tasks like researching about the location, the expected weather and means of travel as well as communicating with wedding vendors. It is advisable to hire local professionals for they are more accustomed and knowledgeable of that specific area. If you are in or nearby Buckinghamshire, make contact of the wonderful photographer offering great buckinghamshire wedding photography service.

You also do not need to hire an extra unlike when you hire someone from another place which will require you to pay for their travel expenses.

Now, how can you possibly have a perfect wedding? What do you need to do or prepare to ensure that everything will run smoothly? Well, here are some tips to help you out.

  1. Pick an off-season wedding date

We all know that the beach is the best place to hang out and spend time with friends but unfortunately everyone thinks the same especially during peak seasons. During these days, beaches are more crowded than malls, making your wedding day horribly crowded. The best thing to do is schedule your wedding in the off-season. By choosing an off-season date, you are giving your wedding occasion a stress free environment since there are less people in the area especially if you plan to have it in a public resort. You can avoid unwanted onlookers and can have a solemn wedding ceremony.

  1. Know the Do’s and Don’ts

You need to learn ahead what the rules, policies and regulations govern your use of the venue. Know also the rules when it comes to the wedding ceremony. Say for example if the wedding photographer is not allowed to get near during the exchange of vows or use flash, then you should inform him/her ahead. Talk to the person in charge of the resort to know the do’s and don’ts.

  1. Dress appropriately

For traditional weddings, ball gown with a long train is commonly worn by brides. This type of gown is not appropriate though for a beach wedding. For beach weddings, it is best to wear lightweight dress that is not long. A long gown will make it difficult for a bride to walk or move on sand. Sand might get accumulated or dragged as you walk thus causing a mess. The ladies must also consider wearing semi-formal beach dresses when attending a wedding. Meanwhile for the groom as well as for the male guests, it is advisable for them to wear a suit or polo made of light or thin fabric so they will feel more relaxed and comfortable during the wedding. Make sure to inform the guests ahead on what to expect on your wedding and give suggestions on what to wear and bring.

By knowing all important information related to your wedding and carefully planning for it, you can surely have a successful beach wedding that is worth remembering for a lifetime.

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