Do I Really Need Two Photographers for My Wedding?

wedding photographyThere’s no question that a wedding photographer is indeed important in a wedding. But well, how many photographers should a couple hire to cover their wedding? Isn’t one photographer enough? Do they really need two (or more) to record the events in this special occasion?

Well, my answer is YES! But, both photographers should be from the same company.

Now, if you’re wondering why the need for two? Then, let me start first by explaining what the couple usually goes through before a wedding.

The Necessary Wedding Preparations

Once the couple has finally decided to exchange vows and set the wedding date, they will have to start with the preparations as soon as possible. They will need to hire wedding professionals, search for the best suppliers, look for great items and scout for the best wedding venue. The preparations can be daunting and even stressful at times. Moreover, the couple will need to spend a lot of money to pay for this and that. So, time, money and effort are required for this wedding. The only thing that keeps them going is their desire to make the wedding perfect and memorable.

The Role of a Wedding Photographer

Now, the best that a wedding photographer can do for the wedding is photograph all the wonderful happenings during the wedding and deliver the best wedding photos to the bride and groom. The newlywed couple expects the wedding images to be complete and reflective of how successful and memorable the wedding is. The couple is busy attending to their guests so they basically cannot see what’s happening in the other side of the room nor can they see the expressions of the people during the exchange of vows. Thus, they depend on the wedding photos to show them what they might have missed out.

The Need for a Second Shooter

It is expected that the Wedding photographer London at times will have to pause to grab a quick lunch or snack. And then, if suddenly a once-in-a-lifetime, fleeting moment happened while he’s taking a break then it will be somehow disappointing to the couple if they realize that the photographer wasn’t able to capture it. Similarly, if there are too many guests and a lot of things are happening around especially during the wedding party, then a single photographer might not be able to shoot many of these fun and interesting moments. This all goes to show that a second shooter or assistant to the main photographer is important.

The second shooter ideally must be from the same company or is working for the official photographer. The two of them are most likely comfortable alongside each other and they can assign when and where one will shoot. Even during breaks, they can take turns in eating and taking shots. The more shots they can take the better and more satisfied the couple will be.

When choosing a wedding photography company, you will have to make sure that there photographers are really into weddings. Get photographers from a credible company like Rachael Pereira Photography

It is also important that the assistant is well-trained and knowledgeable on how to take basic wedding shots. Check their work portfolio as well as the photographer’s background to ensure they are legit and credible.

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